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Tempurpedic Beautyrest Beauty Sleep Leggett and Platt

The Beautyrest ComforPedic iQ Mattress

Getting a good night’s rest lets you unwind at the end of the day and wake up feeling awake and refreshed! If you are not getting the restful sleep you need, it might be time to replace your mattress with a Simmons mattress near Glendora. Learn about the Simmons Beautyrest ComforPedic iQ mattress to see if it is the right choice for you:

Smart Response™ Technology
Supportive mattresses give your body the cushioning it needs to stay comfortable throughout the night, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. But even the most supportive mattresses can lose their support over time or fail to provide adequate support for all of your favorite sleeping positions. You will not have to worry about that with the Smart Simmons Mattress Near GlendoraResponse™ Technology available in the Beautyrest ComforPedic iQ mattress! This technology features internal chambers that know when you move and adapt to keep providing support.

Ultra Cool™ Memory Foam
Staying supported is only part of the equation to getting a good night’s rest—you also need to be able to stay cool! If you have ever woken up from feeling too hot, you already know how important it is to stay cool while sleeping. Simmons’ Ultra Cool™ Memory Foam is highly effective at keeping sleepers cool, making it easier to sleep throughout the night. The open cell structure in this memory foam is great for managing temperatures even when you change positions, meaning you can avoid the heat and stay comfortable while you dream.

Pressure Point Relief
There are numerous points on the body that are more sensitive to pressure. It is important to find a mattress that provides pressure point relief to keep you comfortable even if you move a lot while you sleep. Without this feature, you are likely to wake up from pain or discomfort as you move around throughout the night. Simmons is well-known for providing excellent pressure point relief in their mattresses, including the Beautyrest ComforPedic iQ! You are sure to get a better night’s sleep when you start sleeping on this wonderful Simmons mattress.

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