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Better Sleep Even with Back Problems

Have you been diagnosed with a spinal condition? If so, a spinal care mattress could mean the difference between managing your back pain and letting it compromise your quality of life. However, it is important to choose your bed through a mattress store serving San Dimas that specializes in spinal care mattresses. Only by talking with an expert who understands the needs of those with back pain can you find a mattress appropriate for your condition. The following information can also prove beneficial in helping you choose a sleeping position that alleviates back pain.

Tips for Spinal Stenosis Discomfort
Spinal stenosis is a condition that originates in the back but can have effects on the lower body as well. Stenosis occurs when the spinal canal closes upon the spinal cord and applies pressure on the nerve roots. Key to lessening the effects of spinal stenosis is sleeping in a position that Spinal Care Mattress in San Dimasalleviates pressure on the spinal cord. Back health experts recommend sleeping on one's side to minimize weight on the lower back. A spinal care mattress made to support side sleepers can further decrease the forces that could contribute to spinal stenosis pain.

Suggestions for Arthritis Stiffness
Those who suffer from arthritis of the back might also want a mattress that provides support for side sleeping positions. Back pain due to arthritis typically intensifies when pressure is applied to the facet joints of the spinal column. As with spinal stenosis, reducing force on these joints can ease arthritis discomfort and give sufferers a better night's rest.

Help for Degenerative Disc Disease Pain
While the bones that comprise the spinal column often contribute to back pain, so too can the intervertebral discs that reside between them. These discs are meant to prevent discomfort by absorbing the forces that the spinal column frequently encounters. However, should these discs deteriorate, they can cause considerable back pain. Back health specialists typically advise those diagnosed with degenerative disc disease to try sleeping on their stomachs. This position can lessen discomfort caused by degenerative disc disease and allow for more restorative slumber. A mattress store associate can also direct degenerative disc disease sufferers to spinal care mattresses that may reduce their pain.

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