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How to Care for Your New Mattress

A mattress store serving San Dimas can help you choose a mattress that will provide years of sound sleep. Once you get your bed home, though, it is up to you to make sure that you get the most out of it. Regardless of mattress brands or styles, proper care of your bed can extend its life and make it easy to enjoy a good night's rest each time you go to sleep.

People generally recognize that the job of a bed is to provide a resting place when you want to sleep. However, many households use their beds for other tasks. Some may use unoccupied guest room beds as storage areas. Others might let their bed mattresses to be entertainment areas for their children. When a bed is used for activities other than sleeping, though, they can hasten its decline. Loading a bed with boxes for months at a time can wear down its springs. Allowing children to bounce on beds can also deteriorate the quality of mattresses. Instead, use beds for only rest and relaxation purposes.

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Even when a bed is used solely for sleeping, mattress experts recommend shifting its position on a regular basis. Especially if you tend to sleep on the same side in the same way night after night, that section of your bed may encounter a disproportionate amount of wear. To ensure an equal distribution of wear on your mattress, occasionally turn it around or upside down.

Pillows, sheets, and comforters can create a moderate barrier between your mattress and outside contaminants. Yet no matter how careful or clean you are, you cannot prevent stains on your mattress with only this type of bedding. To ensure the integrity of your bed, ask your mattress store about the mattress cover they believe best suits your bed. A mattress cover can provide protection from spilled beverages, body fluids, and dust. By getting a mattress cover now and regularly changing it throughout the life of your bed, you can see to it that your mattress provides the best possible support and rest as long as you have it.

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