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A History of the Legendary Beautyrest Line of Mattresses

When looking to buy a new mattress near San Dimas, most people don’t give much thought to the history behind the mattress they are purchasing. Yet if it were not for the originality of Zalmon G. Simmons, the inventor of the Beautyrest mattress, the mattress industry we know today would be quite different. Continue reading to learn how Simmons revolutionized the world of mattresses.


Over 100 years ago, inventor James Marshall developed a way to make the wrapped coil springs essential to modern mattresses. Since the process of making the coils was done manually, mattresses were an expensive luxury. Zalmon Simmons, who had been mass producing simpler mattresses for many years and making them more available to the working class, hired an engineer who figured out how to automate the manufacture of wrapped coil springs. The new mattresses made with wrapped coil springs became the Simmons Beautyrest.


Due to the ability to mass produce these mattresses, a comfortable night’s sleep became available to the general public. In the early 1900s, future First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt endorsed the Beautyrest mattress and was featured in print advertising. Later, Simmons Beautyrest was featured in Life magazine and many other publications. Most famously, Simmons used a bowling ball to illustrate how it was possible for two people to sleep on one mattress without disturbing one another. In the advertisement, bowling pins were set standing up on one side of a mattress and a bowling ball would be dropped on the other. The pins remained upright as the bowling ball bounced on the mattress—a novel and compelling demonstration in those days.


In addition to creating a mattress that revolutionized the comforts of sleeping, Simmons Beautyrest has led the mattress world in sleeping innovation. Beautyrest was the first mattress to feature queen and king sizes, and also the first to feature a no-flip design. Beautyrest continues to offer the best in mattress choices—from cooling technology to hybrid coil and memory foam options.

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