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What Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You About Your Sleep?

Have you ever had a bad dream where you showed up to school for a test you weren’t prepared for? Or even worse, you had forgotten your pants? These types of dreams are actually not uncommon, but they may be trying to tell you something about the way you are sleeping. One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep is to invest in a good mattress near San Dimas. This article offers some insight to the meaning behind your troublesome dreams and tips for sorting out your sleep.

Your Sleeping Environment

Your sleeping environment plays an important role in how well you sleep, and can even influence the types of dreams you have. Your senses are a factor in why you have certain dreams. For instance, different smells may cause positive or negative influences on your dreams. Having a clean bed and fresh mattress could lead to more positive sleep. Your sleeping position can also impact the way you dream. A quality mattress that provides enough support for different sleeping positions without causing you to wake up can lead to better sleep.

Your Lifestyle Choices

Stress is one of the biggest influencers on bad dreams. Those previously mentioned nightmares about forgetting your pants? It is likely caused by added daily stress. It is common in people experiencing high levels of stress to have dreams that amplify stressful situations. Addressing stress before you head to bed can help.

Your Health

If you have ever had a high fever, you’ve likely experienced what is sometimes referred to as fever dream—a dream that is vividly weird or nightmarish. This is one of the ways your body is giving you a red flag that you are not well and it is time to get more rest. For women, an increase in frequency of dreams and occurrences of vivid or weird dreams is often linked to pregnancy. If you experience long, bizarre dreams you are likely getting better sleep. People who sleep longer and more soundly are able to achieve better REM cycles, so it is possible your dreams may just be telling you that you are getting a good night’s rest.

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