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The Importance of REM Sleep

REM, which stands for rapid-eye movement, is a type of sleep in which your eyes move swiftly in different directions. When you settle in for the night on your comfy mattress in Glendora, your body experiences non-REM sleep first, followed by a short period of REM sleep; then the cycle starts again. To learn more about the important functions that take place during REM sleep, read on.

Tissue Repair and Regrowth
​REM sleep is essential for our bodies on a cellular level. During REM sleep, many of the cells in the body demonstrate increased production and decreased breakdown of proteins. Proteins are among the most fundamental ingredients Mattress in Glendoranecessary for cell growth and repair from the damaging effects of stress and UV rays.

Reduced Activity in Key Parts of the Brain
During REM sleep, activity in parts of the brain that reside over emotions, decision-making, and social interaction is substantially reduced. This suggests that REM sleep helps people maintain optimal control and regulation of these faculties when they are awake. In rats, patterns of nerve signaling that occurred during the day were found to repeat themselves during deep sleep, which suggests that REM sleep helps facilitate learning and the encoding of memories.

Bone and Muscle Construction
If you were injured, REM sleep is a critical part of repairing and re-growing the bone and muscle mass that was lost. Exercising, which tears muscle, only contributes to enhanced muscle mass if the body can repair and regrow the muscles that were torn. It appears that REM sleep is an important part of this process.

Immune System Strengthening
REM sleep keeps the immune system strong when you are healthy, and helps recharge the immune system when you are sick. REM sleep helps conserve the body’s energy and resources that the immune system can use to fight off infections.

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