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What the Body Does During Sleep

When you purchase a mattress near San Dimas, you deserve to have many years of comfortable rest. Beds are important investments, and getting high quality sleep is essential to your health and overall quality of life. To find the best mattress for your particular needs, visit a mattress store and speak to a qualified salesperson. Continue reading to find out more about what your body does during the various stages of sleep.

Stage One

During the first stage of sleep, it is especially important that you have comfortable bedding. In order to relax enough to doze off, many people purchase soft down comforters and a memory foam mattress. It is easy to be awoken at this stage between wakefulness and slumber.

Stage Two

Each person spends about half the night in stage two of sleep. The body temperature drops, so it is important to have a warm comforter. Your blood pressure also slows down and regulates itself. That means that for most of the night, your heart rate slows, which helps explain the cardiovascular benefits of sleep.

Stage Three

Stage three is the very deepest sleep. During this restorative time, the brain waves and breathing both slow down. Blood moves to the muscles, repairing tissue. It is extremely difficult to be awoken at this stage of sleep, so you can expect to move very little on your mattress. Hormones are also secreted during stage three sleep. However, this is also when sleep walking and sleep eating can take place.

Stage Four

Also known as REM, or rapid eye movement, this sleep cycle is when you see vivid and imaginative dreams. While the body sleeps, the brain looks just how it does when a person is awake. The eyes dart quickly back and forth, and breathing and heart rate is more varied. However, you should not be awakened during this time—you will feel unrested, and like you did not get your beauty sleep.

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